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Basic Tarot Meanings

When first starting out with tarot, it can be overwhelming to try to learn the different meanings for all 78 cards, much less their reversed meanings. Even Court cards can be difficult to understand, and downright inscrutable in some readings. How can you wrap your head around it all at once?

Truth is you can't, and I think we wouldn't want to. Tarot reading is about interpretation: of images, of colors, and yes, hermetic symbols, and all of it in the context of the other cards in the reading.

So we read books, watch videos, and talk to more experienced readers, but how can they possibly cover all the different combinations for every different reading? At some point, you have to rely on your own interpretive ability. Don't let that scare you. Remember The Magician card which reminds us of our own worth and ability, and be confident you have within you all that you need.

Many authors and teachers recommend an intuitive approach to the cards. Before you look at any book, try to read the narrative the cards are showing in the images. Look at the colors. Is there a lot of gold and blue, or red, or black? How do the colors make you feel, what thoughts do the images inspire?

Tarot does more than give insight. Like any hermetic science, it also brings changes within, making us more observant in our daily lives, putting us more in touch with our creativity and our true selves. As you work with tarot, you will gain confidence in your understanding and in your readings, and you may find they resonate stronger for your querents as well.


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