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We have a number of options when it comes to oracle cards, Lenormand, and Tarot. While all can be used for meditation, divination, or just to admire the art, there are differences between the different kinds of decks.

In Europe, shortly after the introduction of playing cards in the 1300s, people began to practice cartomancy. Out of that tradition came Tarot decks, Lenormand decks, and more generically-termed oracle cards.

Tarot card games were a popular pastime, and people repurposed the decks for divinatory purposes. Generally these are constituted of 78 cards, with 22 Major Arcana, and 56 Minor Arcana cards, the latter corresponding somewhat with playing card decks, but including two cards, the Page and the Knight, in place of the single Jack. For many years, the pip cards (Ace through Ten), were often unembellished, showing just the number of pips. Pamela Coleman Smith was inspired by a decorated Tarot deck, in her collaboration with Arthur Edward Waite to create the images for the Rider-Waite deck. Her paintings have in turn informed an explosion of different designs, some of which are very similar to her work such as the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, others more abstract, such as the Mibramig Tarot, while still others bear very little resemblance to the Rider-Waite designs indeed!

The Lenormand tradition uses the 36-card deck favored by famous French cartomancer, Marie Anne Lenormand, an advisor to Robespierre, Empress Josephine, and Tsar Alexander I. Her Lenormand deck was based on the deck used for an eighteenth-century German cardgame called The Game of Hope. Much like Tarot decks, Lenormand cards come in many stylistic varieties from the Easy Lenormand to the Fairy Lenormand.

Oracle cards don't really follow either of these traditions. They are often an idiosyncratic product of the author who determines the cards, their designs, and their significances. As such there is great variety, from the Oracle of Visions, to the Crystal Oracle, to the Halloween Oracle, to The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle.

This is not an exhaustive list of cartomantic traditions, but merely the most popular among English-speaking people. OOTHOON'S carries several different varieties of Tarot and oracle card decks. If you look closely, you can find a few Lenormand decks as well! Almost all of these decks include at least a small booklet with the meanings of the cards and some options for spreads to read them. Others include a more substantial booklet, and some of the kits include a full-sized book to help you learn the important messages contained in each card.

And if you have have a deck, but you've misplaced the booklet, we offer quite a few books for the beginning reader, as well as the more advanced cartomancer. Come in and see what we have to help you!


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