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Basic Tarot Readings

Today I want to talk about simple readings you can do that won't take you hours of reading and trying to understand a complex spread just to get a little bit of practice reading cards.

First of all, before you start any reading, it's a good idea to grab your journal and a pen so you can write down your impressions as quickly as you can before you forget them, especially when starting out. Precious minutes spent looking for a pen can cost you being able to recall a really deep insight. With that out of the way, on to readings!

Of course the easiest reading is a single card. If you want a simple yes or no answer, a single card drawn can answer that by whether it is a positive or negative card, Some cards are neutral, indicating the answer is unclear or in flux.

Drawing a second card can give a better indication of the meaning of the first card. You can do this in any spread to clarify or qualify a particular card or provide further detail on the entire spread.

A simple three-card spread can be used in a number of ways, such as Past-Present-Future reading, or to gain insight into relationships in a We-They-Us reading to reveal possible ways forward with projects or relationships.

Four cards can give you a reading to preview each week of the upcoming month, and you can add a second card to qualify the card for each week. You can also draw four cards to see the flow of energies in the four elements, or add another card for spirit or quintessence as the fifth element.

You do not have to memorize the Celtic Cross or know the houses of the zodiac to have a good, resonant reading. And if it doesn't resonate now, wait a few days, reread your journal, and think about it some more. You may find it resonates more than you thought!


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